Bible StudyIn John 14:11, Jesus is trying to convince His apostles to trust in Him. The way He does this is by getting them to think about the miraculous signs He did, thus proving to them He is the Son of God. Then in John 14:12, Jesus tells them: “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” Have you ever thought how ordinary believers like us could possibly do greater things than Jesus’ miracles? None of us have raised people from the dead, walked on water or fed 5,000 people from a little boy’s lunch. Yet Jesus tells us we will do greater things than these. What could be greater than doing a miracle? If you think about it, miracles do not save people’s souls. Then how are people saved? They are saved through the gospel message (Romans 1:16, Mark 16:15-16). And who is to take that saving gospel message to the world? Believers in Christ (I Peter 2:9, 3:15). Therefore, anyone who has faith in Jesus can do greater things than Jesus’ miracles!

So, how are we doing at fulfilling God’s commission to take the gospel (good news) to the world? Not good! Why? Years ago there was a saying, maybe you have heard it, that went like this: “If you walk into a courtroom and cannot find a Bible to swear upon, find someone from the church of Christ, place your hand on their head and swear on it.” People from the church knew their Bibles so well that swearing upon them would be just like swearing on a Bible!” Do they still say that about us today? NO! Why? Because we do not know our Bibles like we used to. The reason I hear most often why Christians do not study with people today is because they do not know their Bibles well enough.


For that reason, I have spent the last 17 years putting together a workbook, “Saving Souls In The 21st Century,” in both English and Spanish, video series and PowerPoint presentation. I have also been holding evangelism workshops all over the United States hoping to better equip the church to evangelize in the 21st century. I invite you to take a look at these materials on this website and see if they would be helpful to you and your congregation. If I can help, please contact me. We might be this world’s only chance!

Interview with TCT TV

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